About us

Transition the wine and farming industries towards a more responsible environmental and social future

Vineyards are modernising themselves and are implementing a global environmental protection and sustainable development approach. This undertaking aims to limit our environmental impact through the implementation of standards and certifications.

About us

towards a more responsible environmental and social future

Established in 2015, G2V Services is based in the heart of the Champagne region, in Bezannes, near Reims. Concerned with today’s social and environmental challenges, the company is committed to helping you with its know-how and expertise as well as with its knowledge of the Champagne region and its local presence there. This pioneering company is now a key stakeholder in Champagne and continues to develop in other regions.

Our solutions

Throughout the year, G2V Services offers cooperatives, wine brokers, and wine-makers comprehensive support.

Collective certification

Support in the field for environmental certifications in the Champagne region

Online certification management tool

In Champagne but also rolled out in Cognac and other vineyards and sectors in France

Equipping the farming and wine industries

Support through an online tool for social accountability

Our commitment

Preserve the land and promote farming work

Our ambition is to help transition the wine and farming model by sustainably and ethically supporting stakeholders in the field (CERTICO) and with our tools (CERTIWEB and CERTIJOB).

Our team

G2V is a small company, committed alongside professionals.

Convinced that success depends on sharing, our team supports you in taking up the challenge of environmental and social transition.

Throughout the year, we recruit different profiles. Have a look at our offers and apply now! 

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